CIA Trusts Tablet Shells to Protect Their iPads in Homeland S02E12

Homeland iPad shell

Another tablet case has been spotted in a TV series by the restless Tablet2Cases team. This time Saul Berenson, in Homeland S02E12, is using an iPad encased in a tablet shell to check out the list of deceased and wounded in a terrorist blast.

Saul (played by Mandy Patinkin) enters a command tent set up to deal with CIA building blast aftermath, and a commanding officer hands him an iPad wearing what looks to be a durable tablet shell. Although this type of cases is great for protecting the back and sides of a tablet, CIA operatives could approach device protection with a bit more care and check out some rugged and tough accessories, designed for action in the field. The case Saul holds for a while and then returns provides the following features:

  • Impact protection for tablet’s back and sides

  • Full access to all ports and buttons

  • Raised bezel to protect the iPad’s screen when placed face down

    Homeland is a highly popular TV show, premiered on Showtime in 2011, which has already entered its third season and still enjoys great ratings. The series revolves around an American POW, Nicholas Brody, who was rescued from lengthy capture in Al-Qaeda hands. At the time of the rescue CIA learned that an American prisoner has been turned, and they are now trying to find out if it’s Brody or not. The TV show has got it all: fear, loathing, love, hate, betrayal, and even a grown-up Claire Danes.

    Homeland iPad shell review Saul is receiving an iPad protected by a tablet shell, which is both compact and durable

    Homeland iPad shell screenshot The shell provides a firm and secure grip on the tablet

    Homeland iPad case The iPad case can be easily held in one hand, leaving the other one free to interact with the device

    Homeland iPad case review While the shell protects the sides and back of the tablet, it still allows access to its ports and buttons

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