The iPad 4 Enjoys Premium Leather Inside the Hard Graft Work Satchel

  • Hard Graft Work Satchel
  • Hard Graft Work Satchel review
  • Hard Graft Work Satchel screenshot
  • Work Satchel from Hard Graft
  • Work Satchel from Hard Graft review

There’s no big mystery why Hard Graft tablet cases are so popular and sought after. The manufacturer uses only the best materials and meticulous craftsmanship when producing their items. The latest one – Work Satchel – is no exception and offers not only perfect construction and stunning leather looks, but also decent impact protection. The tablet bag is big enough to accommodate any laptop, and comes with a separate pouch to fit any-sized tablet device. The interior of the case is lined with premium wool felt.

The iPad 4 case comes with a unique shoulder strap, which can be removed or adjusted at any time
The Hard Graft Work Satchel sports a highly comfortable removable handle
The tablet rests inside a separate pocket featuring a secure zipper lock
There’s a classic buckle closure flap featuring metal snaps to keep the case securely fastened
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