Angry Alex Knows What Tablet Cases to Love This Week

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Greetings tablet aficionados! Hello, my name is Alex. For the better part of two years, I have been introducing you to the newest and hippest tablet cases and accessories out there.

I have come across a lot of interesting products in my time working for Tablet2Cases. But for every one cool product I find, there seems to be three case designs that are flat out unoriginal nor inspiring. Meanwhile, my colleagues have take notice of my constant complaining and have dubbed me, Angry Alex. I think they are also beginning to worry about me. For fear that I may suffer a brain aneurysm if I don't express myself, they have given me this new platform to begin venting out my frustrations. If a tablet case manufacturer has fallen short of our expectations, then I am get to let my opinion be known. Rather than angry, I prefer to think of it as being concerned for my fellow tablet owners. But Angry Alex simply sounds better, I suppose. No pun intended, but who I am to argue this?

Only a week after Apple have launched their new devices – the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini, it’s only natural to expect every self-respecting case manufacturer to crowd the market with cases for these tablets. While some managed to do a decent job updating their lines of cases, the others were not so successful.

Take a look at the original iPad Air Smart Case from Apple. Yes, there’s genuine leather, and smart cover, and integrated stand, but that’s it. Where’s the built-in slim keyboard everyone’s been expecting this time around? C’mon Apple we’re really bored.

Apple Smart Case Apple updates the Smart Case for the iPad Air, but once again there’s no keyboard

Otterbox launched iPad Air compatible Defender Series Case, but they were really better off not doing so. The case is just ugly. Cheap looking plastic, smooth surface without any real way to securely grip the case, they really should’ve learned how to make cases by now.

Otterbox Defender Series Case Otterbox Defender Series Case fails to excite tablet owners with great looks, despite rugged protection

Griffin have also updated their Survivor line to accommodate the newly launched Apple devices. However, once again it’s the same design, pretty similar to the previous models, and the stand is not embedded in the case, but comes separately.

Griffin Survivor review Griffin Survivor for the iPad Air follows the traditional design we know from the previous models

Fortunately, the week didn’t go without a great case launch. The Flagship Folio from Incipio looks amazing and does the job too. It’s made with their patented Plextronium material with carbon fiber texture on the outside and smooth microfiber on the inside. I’ve already placed my order.

Incipio Flagship Folio Incipio does a great job with the Flagship Folio for the iPad Air

The biggest tech news this week is the speculation that Microsoft will ditch the Nokia brand for the Windows Phone smartphones. Unconfirmed, of course, but still scary. In other news, Twitter shares have gone public, jumping from $26 to $45 a share on NYSE, rubbing it in Zuckerberg's nose; and Samsung is still showing off, announcing that their next big target is knocking Apple off the top as the largest tablet maker, good luck there, Samsung.

Microsoft to drop Nokia brand Microsoft will allegedly drop the Nokia brand name for their Windows Phone powered devices

In related news Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have been spotted carrying their iPads without any protection. Well, we do know Miley isn’t a fan of clothes lately, but surely they can afford at least a tablet skin. The stars were unavailable to comment.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber tablets Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber prefer not to protect their iPads with cases
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