Donald Uses an iPad Wheelchair Mount in the League S05E10

The League iPad case

Watching The League on the lazy weekend we stumbled upon yet another iPad case, when Andre takes Kevin (played by Stephen Rannazzisi) to see his newly-found friend Donald in S05E10 of the show. Donald is suffering from ALS (or Lou Gehrig’s disease) and has an iPad strapped to his wheelchair.

The tablet rests beside the wheelchair and is attached via what looks to be a secure mount. The case holds the device from all sides providing clear and easy access to all of its functions. Donald (played by J.P. Manoux) is typing what he wants to say on a keyboard, and the words appear on the iPad and are read by a computer voice, which Andre (played by Paul Scheer) is comparing to Ruxin’s. It’s not every day we see a wheelchair tablet mount, but we have already covered one – the Charis Wheelchair Mount from The Joy Factory. Donald’s tablet case has the following functions:

  • Secure hold of the tablet from all sides without obscuring its ports and buttons

  • Stable attachment to the wheelchair itself

  • Free pivoting and rotation


    The League is a comedy show revolving a group of men playing fantasy football. The series premiered on FX back in 2009 and is now in its fifth season. The show provides a funny and witty take on how online sports mania can have serious effects on relationships, marriages, families and basically everyday lives. The peculiarity of the series lies in the fact that it’s only partially scripted with lots of improvisations coming from the Curb Your Enthusiasm team.

    The League iPad case review The tablet is securely mounted on the wheelchairThe League iPad case screenshot The iPad is secured from all sides, but access to all ports and buttons is openiPad Case The League Donald is typing on the keyboard and the text shows up on the iPad
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