iPad-playing Witch Found in the American Horror Story S03E03

American Horror Story

Looking for some spooky excitement before the holidays, we’ve spotted a folio tablet case protecting Marie Laveau’s iPad in the American Horror Story S03E03. Cordelia (played by Sarah Paulson) decided to visit Marie for some “fertility consultation” and there was the witch, casually playing Solitaire on her iPad sitting on a very peculiar throne.

Cordelia Foxx walks into a very dodgy place witch coven looking for Marie Laveau (played by Angela Bassett) and is taken to the back room, where the witch is residing on an interesting throne you won’t find in Pottery Barn catalogue. While they exchange conversation, Marie is enjoying a Solitaire session on her iPad, which is protected by what looks to be a simple tablet folio case. The case seems to be quite stable on her lap, most probably thanks to the microfiber lining of the cover. The folio is every similar to the Cooper Echo. Marie’s tablet case sports the following features:

  • All-round protection for the tablet with all ports and buttons open to free access

  • Foldable cover, which doubles up as an integrated stand with various angles

    American Horror Story is a popular TV series, which kicked off back in 2011 at FX network, and has already been confirmed for Season 4 coming in 2014. The show is a seasonal anthology series, with each season revolving around a different story. The depicted locations include a haunted house in the first season, an insane asylum in the second, and the latest, third season focuses on a witch coven.

    American Horror Story review The tablet folio case rests safely on Marie’s lapAmerican Horror Story screenshot Four-corner mounting system ensures the tablet isn’t going anywhere from the caseAmerican Horror Story ipad case Even witches can’t resist a little Solitaire game on an iPad
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