Tajudeen Bisiriyu and Leaf Inc Use New Tech on the Leaf Mount Stand

  • Tajudeen Bisiriyu and Leaf Inc Leaf Mount
  • Tajudeen Bisiriyu and Leaf Inc Leaf Mount review

Tajudeen Bisiriyu and Leaf Inc have come up with a unique tablet stand case – Leaf Mount, and are now looking to fund the project through Kickstarter. Tablet2Cases liked the accessory so much, that we decided to pledge money. The case is universally compatible with smartphones, tablets, and e-readers of virtually any size. Designed from aerospace grade aluminum the stand combines sleek looks with rigid quality. The best feature of the case is the micro-suction technology, which is used to attach to the back of the device, and also to latch onto a smooth surface. This is how the stand remains stable and the device doesn’t slip from it.

The case continues the beautiful design of Apple tablets and smartphones
The stand comes with its own carrying case
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