Angry Alex Hates Designer Tablet Cases, Should You?

Angry Alex Week 19

I was having a nice Champions League night at my local bar and witnessed how a big fella smashed his iPad on the floor after a certain someone scored a hat-trick. Well his tablet was inside a very nice designer tablet case, expensive-looking and everything. However, besides probably losing a wager he now has to buy a new iPad too. This week I’m taking a look at what’s good and what’s not in the world of designer tablet accessories.

The Textured-Calfskin Mini from Dolce & Gabbana looks nice, there’s no question. It’s simple enough to pass as a business case and has no unnecessary features. There’s a small flap closure with a button lock and a nice sturdy shell to put the tablet into. However, apart from the genuine leather I don’t see the need to pay this amount of money for it. The D&G logo is extremely tiny and unless you shove it right into someone’s eye nobody will know how much it costs.

Dolce & Gabbana Textured-Calfskin Mini A nice tablet folio case made from genuine leather, but unnecessarily pricey

Balenciaga launched Textured-Leather iPad Mini Case made from ultra-soft lambskin leather. Well, the leather is so soft, that the case looks like it has been already used for at least three years. The contrasting brutal metal hardware adds a certain charm the sleeve, it would be similar to ballerinas wearing Dr. Martens boots on stage. And yes, expect to pay the price of a tablet for this one.

Balenciaga Textured-Leather iPad Mini Case Lambskin leather and metal hardware contrast didn’t work out for this tablet designer case

The Men’s Stripe Leather from Thom Browne is something no self-respecting man should be seen with in public. The design pattern and colors reminds me of pajamas as used to have when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Surely something less colorful and stripey should be called “Men’s”. Function-wise it’s a simple tablet sleeve with decent protection.

Thom Browne Men’s Stripe Leather Decent tablet sleeve with outrageous design, absolutely not suitable for men

Native Union Gripster Wrap may not be a tablet designer case, but it’s worth mentioning here. The case is an excellent combination of simple design lines and functionality. The hand strap on the back is not only adjustable to fit different sizes, but it can also be used as a handle and as an integrated stand. Plus there’s the must-have auto on/off, and generally protective construction.

Native Union Gripster Wrap review Multi-functional folio with simple design and a great hand strap on the back

There were a bunch of smartphones in the rumor-mill this week, including the much-anticipated HTC One 2, and the Galaxy S5 Mini. However, the most unexpected piece of news is that there’s going to be yet another biopic about Steve Jobs. Ashton Kutchers portrayal of Apple founder didn’t do well with both viewers and critics. And now David Fincher apparently wants to take a different view on Jobs, and wants Christian Bale to do it.

Christian Bale as Steve Jobs David Fincher wants Christian Bale to star in another biopic about Steve Jobs
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