Top 5 Universal Cases for 7-8 Inch Tablet Devices

  • JAVOedge Matte Sheen
  • Belkin Universal Cover
  • Targus Universal Tablet Rotating Case
  • Kensington Portafolio Fit
  • CaseLogic Surefit Classic Folio

Having a case, which fits only one tablet ensures the best possible fit, and most of the time better functionality. But what about those tablet owners who operate multiple devices, but are keen on using a single case they love? Surely there’s a better solution than buying a case for every device. This is where the universal tablet cases come in, they fit the majority of similarly sized devices, allowing users to swap tablets, rather than cases. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 universal cases designed for the 7-8 inch tablets.

5. JAVOedge Matte Sheen

The Matte Sheen from JAVOedge delivers a super-light and ultra-slim construction coupled with highly durable premium synthetic material. The folio tablet case comes with an integrated stand offering a variety of viewing angles. There’s an interior pocket for the most important stuff and a small tab closure with built-in magnetic lock to keep the case securely shut. Compatible with most 7-8 tablet devices.

Buy it now from JAVOedge for $15.99

Simple tablet folio case offering slim and lightweight design and a versatile integrated stand – JAVOedge Matte Sheen

4. Belkin Universal Cover

Crafted from highly durable polyurethane, the Universal Cover from Belkin provides decent protection inside a slim and lightweight body. The folio tablet case fits most 7-8 inch devices thanks to stretchable protective corners. The cover of the case can fold behind the device offering a comfy handheld use mode. Additionally there’s an integrated stand function offering multiple viewing angles.

Buy it now from Belkin for $39.99

Soft, yet durable material, integrated stand, and a handheld use mode – versatile Belkin Universal Cover

3. Targus Universal Tablet Rotating Case

As simple as a tablet folio case can be, the Targus Universal Tablet Rotating Case delivers all-round protection and unique functionality. The case comes with a 360 degree rotating feature, allowing users to enjoy a variety of angles in the integrated stand mode, switching easily between landscape and portrait orientation. The Bungee Fit System ensures that virtually any 7-8 inch tablet is compatible with the case. A strap lock secures the case when not in use.

Buy it now from Targus for $34

Targus Universal Tablet Rotating Case provides great impact protection and delivers a 360 degree rotating integrated stand function

2. Kensington Portafolio Fit

The Portafolio Fit from Kensington is not only a nice-looking tablet folio case, it’s also a highly versatile accessory. Thanks to the 4-corner silicone base, the case is compatible with most 7-8 inch devices providing them with a highly secure fit. Durable exterior provides excellent impact protection while microfiber interior lining offers great scratch and smudge safety. Integrated stand delivers a number of highly convenient viewing angles. A magnetic lock keeps the case firmly shut when the device is unused.

Buy it now from Kensington for $24.99

Versatile tablet folio case with a secure fit for most 7-8 inch tablets – Kensington Portafolio Fit

1. CaseLogic Surefit Classic Folio

The Surefit Classic Folio from CaseLogic has everything: durable exterior, scratch-roof interior, integrated stand, elastic strap lock, and access to all ports and buttons. Most importantly the tablet folio case can fit just about any 7-8 inch tablet devices. Thanks to its bungee loop system and fitted clasp, the case secures the device in place preventing accidental fall outs. The viewing angles delivered by the integrated stand can be adjusted freely. The case is available in three different color combinations.

Buy it now from CaseLogic for $19.99

CaseLogic Surefit Classic Folio provides a secure fit for any 7-8 inch tablet and delivers an adjustable integrated stand functionality
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