Piel Frama Puts On a Tight Pair Of Jeans on the iPad Mini

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Piel Frama’s latest tablet sleeve is called Jeans and it was designed to accommodate the iPad Mini. The case is handcrafted from premium quality calfskin leather and denim fabric. This combination offers highly durable impact protection and a perfect fit. Despite great protection the case comes with a slim and lightweight design. The tight fit of the case ensures the tablet is safe from slipping out. Top leather opening will help keep case in pristine condition regardless of how many times the tablet is inserted and taken out.

About Piel Frama:
Piel Frama made its first steps in manufacturing leather covers for cell phones in 1984, but we have been manufacturing leather goods since 1975.
Our company started selling them in the United States of America when nobody in Europe had heard about cell phones.
Thirty-nine years of experience in developing and designing a high quality product places us far ahead of our competition.
When first cell phones manufacturer appeared in Spain, we already had the product and the experience that market required, making us an innovator on the industry.
We have a big and important infrastructure to be able to design and manufacture any kind of leather case our customer requires.
Nowadays, Piel Frama is seen as a very prestigious company by the entire smartphones and phones industries, offering the finest quality products that exist in the market.

High quality materials and simple design is the key to a great iPad Mini accessory – Piel Frama Jeans

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