The iPads Enjoy Classy Looks and Safety Inside FIXFLY 4 Colors

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FIXFLY have a simple, yet highly attractive folio tablet case on offer – 4 Colors. Handmade from rigid canvas fabric, flax and faux-leather combination the case delivers smart looks and decent impact protection for everyday situations. The cover features built-in magnets, which activate the auto sleep/wake functionality. It also helps with an integrated stand feature, which is made extra stable thanks to a small tab on the back. The case is available in four different colors and the iPad Mini, iPad 2-4, and iPad Air sizes.

Handcraft has always been a good career/hobby to pursue. Our interests can help us be relaxed and let our lift more interesting.

Our design goals:
Elegant, Brief, elegant Brief but not simple, elegant and refined, departing from the conventional pattern.

Tablet folio case available in different sizes to fit any Apple tablet, delivers integrated stand and decent protection – FIXFLY 4 Colors

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