Top 5 Wooden Cases for the iPad Air

  • Primovisto Libreria
  • Dodocase iPad Air Classic
  • Natural Artware Real Wooden
  • Miniot Cover
  • Grove Walnut iPad Case

Apple may have introduced the new iPhones and even the much-anticipated Watch during their last event, but the new iPad failed to make an appearance. Well, we now have to wait until October to learn if there are new Cupertino tablets hitting the market. In the meantime it’s a new season and a chance to dress up our iPad Airs in a thicker skin for autumn. Wood is a great material for case makers ensuring both durability and striking looks on top of great functionality. Let’s take a deeper look into the top 5 wooden cases for the iPad Air.

5. Primovisto Libreria

Made from a combination of oak and bamboo, the Libreria from Primovisto is an attractive book tablet case sporting excellent impact protection. The tablet rests within a special frame inside the case with total access to its ports and buttons, but protected from all sides. The interior is lined with an ultra-soft fabric preventing any unnecessary scratches. There’s also an elastic strap lock – keeping the case securely shut when not in use. Libreria can also double up as an integrated stand with several convenient viewing angles.

Buy it now from Etsy for $59.00

Durable wooden materials keep the tablet safe, while integrated stand and elastic strap lock add to its functionality – Primovisto Libreria

4. Dodocase iPad Air Classic

Dodocase is now synonymous with tablet book case, when it comes to iPad and other tablet accessories. Their iPad Air Classic – is the best example of high-quality craftsmanship and thought-out detail. Traditional bookbinding techniques come together with highly durable bamboo tray to keep the tablet safe and sound, while offering direct access to its ports and buttons. There’s also an integrated stand, auto sleep/wake and elastic strap lock enhancing the case’s functionality. The maker offers great customization options: besides a long list of colors, there’s also an option to include a monogram.

Buy it now from Dodocase for $89.95

Classy tablet book case design with durable materials and handcrafted attention to every detail – Dodocase iPad Air Classic

3. Natural Artware Real Wooden

Natural Artware offers several types of materials for their Real Wooden tablet shell. Buyers can choose between bamboo, cherry, and walnut. The case covers the back and sides of the device and thanks to the raised bezel of the case, the front side is also protected when placed face down on even surfaces. Besides the naturally durable protection the case also delivers great aesthetics thanks to careful manual polishing technique.

Buy it now from Etsy for $37.90

Simple tablet shell construction with the use of natural wooden materials and manual polishing – Natural Artware Real Wooden

2. Miniot Cover

One of the most elegant wooden iPad Air cases is of course the Cover from Miniot. The tablet smart cover is handcrafted from premium wood material of the buyer’s choice. Cherry, walnut, maple, padouk, mahogany, and wenge all provide exquisite looks and superb functionality. The cover rolls into a tube and thanks to built-in magnets can be locked at different angles acting as integrated stand. Naturally, the auto sleep/wake function is also present.

Buy it now from Miniot for $90.00

Superb looks thanks to a choice of natural wooden materials and versatile functionality – Miniot Cover

1. Grove Walnut iPad Case

Grove takes wooden protection one step further and offers Walnut iPad Case – a luxurious tablet book case made entirely out of wood. Rich Oregon walnut is combined with sturdy maple for the best possible protection, and careful attention to every little detail ensures each and every case is built to last. The tablet is covered from all sides with special attention to corners and edges, but all of its ports and buttons are open to direct access. There’s integrated stand capability and built-in magnets to activate auto sleep/wake functionality.

Buy it now from Grove for $129.00

Grove Walnut iPad Case is a highly durable tablet book case made entirely out of wood, features integrated stand and auto sleep/wake
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