The iPads Start Their Morning the Right Way With Covena Design Foaster

  • Covena Design Foaster

Covena Design definitely get our points for clever ideas implemented in their tablet dock called Foaster. The project is currently seeking funding at Kickstarter, and the mobile device accessory is so attractive that there’s no reason to believe it won’t get funded. It’s a charging dock, which can simultaneously refill up to 4 smartphones or tablets. And yes, the case looks just like a toaster, where the main slots accommodate two smartphones, but there are two extra ones, which can fit 2 additional phones or tablets. There’s a built-in power supply, which ensures charging of 4 devices simultaneously, up to 2.4A each. The case also utilizes microsuction technology to provide one-handed docking and removal.

About Covena Design:
Mike Charles has been designing and building cool things for nearly 40 years. What began with crazy Lego contraptions led to award-winning college design projects including stair-climbing robots and quick-change battery packs for cars.

Mike studied product design and conducted manufacturing systems research while earning his Master's in Mechanical Engineering at M.I.T.

Since then, he has designed and brought to market products for some of the world's largest companies- but he has never stopped playing with Lego's or building cool things. Foaster is the latest.

Unusual design and ability to charge up to 4 smartphones or tablets simultaneously – Covena Design Foaster
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