The iPad Air Goes Oriental With the Hardcover from Cathy K Designs

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Love oriental designs? Check out the Hardcover from Cathy K Designs. The folio tablet case not only sports oriental-inspired looks, but also serves as a wonderful impact shield thanks to its durable exterior and padded interior. The tablet is secured via four corner mounts ensuring it won’t slip out accidentally. The case is available in a number of sizes to fit any generation of Apple tablet devices. There’s an integrated stand function delivering a number of viewing positions.

About Cathy K Designs:
Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my shop! I live in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona and work out of my back yard studio. I am so grateful to do something that I love and make others happy too.

I have been sewing since I was 6 years old. I made a lot of my clothes and even made my wedding dress back in 1983. Creating nice things and working with fabric has always made me happy.

Over the years I got an iPad, eReader and tablet computer. I soon realized that these fun devices were not very comfortable to hold and use without some sort of case. I bought several cases from various stores, but these mass produced cases only helped a bit. I knew there had to be a better way. Using my sewing skills, I went to work!

After many designs and testing, I had cases and covers that made me happy. I wanted a hardcover style so they didn't feel too floppy and flimsy. My new covers felt sturdy while holding, yet were slim, lightweight, soft, durable and very comfortable to use. I also designed softcover laptop and tablet covers for MacBook, Surface and more. Now it was time to share my creations with the World!

Etsy was the perfect place to sell my handcrafted covers. Several years later and over 8,000 sales, I think others like my covers too! My daughter Laura now helps me design and make covers. If you love your electronic device and want a really comfy cover, browse my shop and see if there is something you like. We'll make one just for you!

Simple and practical design with attractive oriental-style print pattern and integrated stand – Cathy K Designs Hardcover

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