The iPads Don’t Lie Fallow With the New RAH & Co Tablet Sleeve

  • RAH & Co Fallow

The Fallow from RAH & Co is a peculiar tablet sleeve made from adult fallow deer hides. Each and every case is truly unique due to one-of-a-kind nature of the raw material. Besides unusual looks, the case delivers decent impact protection keeping the tablet safe from everyday troubles. A secure zipper lock keeps the sleeve shut when the device is not in use. There’s also a small lanyard offering users a different way to carry the case around.

About RAH & Co:
In the UK there are no natural deer predators. Our deer population is over two million and all six wild species are on the increase. Each year, growing numbers are culled to stabilise and maintain a healthy deer population. Excess deer endanger woodland flora and song birds as well as damaging agricultural crops and even gardens.

We are eating more venison than ever and antlers are everywhere, but we just don’t use the deer hides. It’s a real shame.

Deer leather is wonderful. In my opening range, I have produced clutch bags from hair-on fallow deer hides and also from smooth red deer leather. All the hides are from adult deer. My hair-on fallow bags showcase nature’s fabulous designs – dappled chestnut in summer right through to dark grey, bushy winter coats. My red deer leather is light, soft and supple, a real reflection of the athleticism of deer.

I am working with UK suppliers as much as I can. It’s not easy as many traditional skills in tanning and manufacturing have been lost. It would be good to reverse this over time. I really hope you enjoy the clutch bags. More products will follow soon. Cross-body bags, shoppers/totes and cushions are in the pipeline.

One-of-a-kind looks derived from fallow hides, a secure zipper lock, and a comfy lanyard – RAH & Co Fallow
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