iPad Air Dodges Bullets Inside the Evutec Karbon S Tablet Shell

  • Evutec Karbon S

The Karbon S from Evutec is so good, it’s being sold through the App Store. The brand new tablet shell is designed to fit and shield the iPad Air. Crafted with the use of DuPont Kevlar, the case delivers maximum protection for the back and sides of the device without adding unnecessary bulk. The case also comes with hi-tech starch-resistant coating ensuring it will last over a long period of time. All ports and buttons can be accessed freely with the case attached to the tablet. Available in all Apple tablet sizes.

About Evutec:
Here at Evutec we acknowledge the present need to diminish the overpopulation of short lifespan products in the handheld device industry and the adverse effects they have on our environment. Our mission is to provide superior, stylishly protective solutions using advanced composite and recyclable materials. We've innovated the use of DuPont Kevlar woven fibers and 100% FSC Certified farmed wood veneers to create a line of products that achieve all this and more.

We've taken our vast knowledge of original equipment manufacturing and material applications to create a line of products that are smart, sleek, and sophisticated. Our expert team of designers constantly strive to innovate new patterns and form factors never before seen in today's market. Evutec cases are designed to provide overall protection, strength and durability while remaining stylish, slim and light. Quality is the staple of our essence and we are committed to developing innovative products using top-of-the-line, eco-friendly materials.

Ultra-thin and lightweight tablet shell with the use of DuPont Kevlar offering great protective capabilities – Evutec Karbon S
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