The iPad Air 2 Receives its Very Own InvisibleShield Glass From ZAGG

  • ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass

No need to introduce screen protectors from ZAGG, the manufacturer of highly renowned and widely used accessories to shield any tablet’s or smartphone’s screen. The iPad Air 2, naturally, also got its personal case from ZAGG – the InvisibleShield Glass. It’s a new step in long evolution road of premium screen protectors. Crafted from high-quality tempered glass, the case offers superb scratch protection, while keeping the image resolution crystal clear as if nothing has been added to the tablet. The precise touchscreen sensitivity stays unharmed thanks to a very slim profile of only 0.4mm. Additionally, there’s an oil-resistant coating to minimize smudges and simplify cleaning.

About ZAGG:
The first InvisibleShield® design came about in early 2005 when a man wanted to protect his wristwatch from nicks and scratches. He found the solutions in a clear, thin, and very durable military film originally made to protect US military helicopter blades from high-speed damage. He immediately saw the massive potential for a virtually invisible and indestructable protective covering in consumer use, and began working on two fronts: legally securing this new idea of putting a clear protective adhesive film covering on electronic devices, and developing other innovative uses for the film. Once patents were prepared and filed, the InvisibleShield made its world debut.

Over those first few months, positive reviews came pouring in and great word-of-mouth began to spread, one happy customer at a time. It started to become a phenomenon a few months later, in September 2005, when an InvisibleShield using this film was created for Apple's new iPod Nano. Sales of the new InvisibleShield design exploded online: it was literally becoming an overnight success. Robert G. Pedersen II (co-founder and CEO) knew that this idea and solution needed world-wide attention so on July 25th 2007, ZAGG Inc. went public and started trading under the symbol ZAGG "Zealous About Great Gadgets" or "when others zig, we ZAGG!" The master plan was under way. But that was just the beginning...

Highly innovative tablet screen protector with super-strong build and ultra-slim profile – ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass
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