Top 5 Tablets For Kids and Accessories to Shield Them

  • Dell Streak 7
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  • Google Nexus 7 (2013)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
  • Apple iPad Mini 3

Certainly tablet PCs weren’t designed with children in mind at the very beginning, but once someone has overlooked their precious possession and found it in the hands of the little ones – the tablet game has been changed forever. Today, we have tens of thousands apps designed to educate and entertain kids, while adults are busy with boring stuff, accessories to keep tablet kids relationship last, and even devices made specifically for kids. Let’s take a closer look at Top 5 tablets for kids or at least suitable for kids, and while we’re at it we should also see what are the best cases to protect those tablets from harm.

5. Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7 may be old, launched back in 2011, but it’s still considered to be the best entry-level tablet for kids. With 16GB of internal space and a microSD card slot allowing expansion for up to another 32GB, the tablet offers enough space to fit just about anything the little devils desire. Upgradable to Android 3.2 Honeycomb, the device will play most of the available educational apps, but may lack in the latest entertainment variety. One of the best Dell Streak 7 tablet cases is the universal 7-inch Angry Birds tablet sleeve with double zipper lock and an attractive design print.

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Dell Streak 7

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Launched back in 2012, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD remains an object of desire for many kids and parents thanks to its child-friendly 7-inch design. Running on customized Android 4.0, the tablet combines power and graphics to an extent suitable for kids of any ages. The 32GB model provides more than enough space for both home and school activities. Using the tablet for school assignments is not a bad idea, but it will be much more appropriate with one of the best Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet casesBelkin QODE Portable Keyboard attached to it. The keyboard tablet case makes typing home assignments much more easier, while keeping the device safe from bumps and bruises.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD

3. Google Nexus 7 (2013)

There’s about to be an update to the “little” Nexus from Google, meaning that the 2013 model will get a serious discount to what already is quite an affordable price. The tablet is one of the best Android devices on the market, certainly suitable for kid use. Introduced a year ago it can soon be upgraded to the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop, meaning every single app out there will be compatible with the device. It’s fast, sleek, lightweight, and bears up to 32GB of internal space. The best Google Nexus 7 (2013) tablet case to protect it from damage while maintaining quick access is WaterField Outback. The tablet sleeve is crafted from durable waxed canvas fabric and has a layer of neoprene padding. Leather tab with button lock keeps it secured when not in use.

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Google Nexus 7 (2013)

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

Samsung also excels at rivaling for the title of the best tablet pc for kids. Their Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 was introduced this spring bearing 16 GB of internal memory and a microSD slot accepting up to 32 GB more. The tablet runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Samsung proprietary bells and whistles, and allows kids to fully immerse into today’s entertainment and educational apps. Older children will certainly appreciate Cooper Infinite S360 tablet folio case, which has a universal design and should remain useful in case they decide to upgrade their tablet. The case offers durable protection, integrated stand, and direct access to all ports and buttons. It has been recognized as one of the most suitable Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 tablet cases.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

1. Apple iPad Mini 3

With the recent launch of the latest generation of their “small” tablets, Apple certainly wins the race to bring tablet kid relationship on a brand new level. With the power and might, the iPad Mini 3 offer, children can use it for just about anything they want, all the latest games and apps run perfectly on the device, and it’s certainly a beauty to look at. The tablet runs on the latest iOS 8, and comes in various memory sizes up to whopping 128GB of built-in memory. Similarity in size to the iPad Mini 2 allows iPad Mini 3 tablet cases to be the same, and one of the best kids accessories among them is certainly the Cooper Dynamo. The play tablet case offers rugged constructions, two handles and highly stable stand positioning.

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Apple iPad Mini 3
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