Kitae Kwon Makes Smart Covers Even More Canny With Think Stand

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Kitae Kwon is looking to fund her Think Stand project through Kickstarter. The innovative tablet stand is available for the both versions of iPad Air and also for iPad Mini 1-3, but will only work together with Apple Smart Cover. We all know the limitations the Smart Cover comes with, sure it’s great at protecting the screen, but only two viewing angles is way too little nowadays. This is where Think Stand swoops in with great adjusting options and maximum comfort over long periods of time. The case is a stainless sheet of metal, which sticks to the back of the iPad via micro-suction, and works together with the Smart Cover to offer viewing angles between 15 and 50 degrees. The case works in both landscape and portrait orientations.

About Kitae Kwon:
Hi everyone! I'm a semiconductor design engineer from San Jose, CA. I have worked on numerous chips that power the gadgets in your digital life. Three years ago I launched a Kickstarter project for the best docking station for the MacBook Air, which is called Landingzone, and delivered it. Now I want you to have the best user experience with your iPad Air and iPad mini.

Highly innovative tablet stand case designed to work together with Apple Smart Cover to offer limitless viewing angles – Kitae Kwon Think Stand

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