Navis Is Rough Around the Edges Protecting the iPad Airs

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Navis presented Rough Edge – a classy envelope tablet case available in both iPad Air and iPad Air 2 sizes. Made from a combination of genuine leather and pure wool felt, the case not only delivers luxurious looks, but offers tough impact protection for every day. There’s a front pocket for the most important things and accessories. The case can be closed up with a leather strap featuring a button lock. There are two colors available for both felt and leather, allowing buyers to create their own unique combinations.

About Navis:
Living in the world that is shifting every single minute, there is a big challenge in creation of beautiful and useful design anticipated to the modern way of life. Nowadays, it is expressed by wearable technique! Driven by a burning desire to go in line with the technological progress, we combined our visions and founded the Navis - hand crafted accessories for electronic devices with touch of practical minimalism. We strongly believe that genuine natural leather in combination with pure wool felt not only provide guaranteed protection for the beloved device, but emphasizes the nature of its owner.

Searching for a perfect place to express our work, we stumbled upon Etsy and have never regretted it. With its large audience of creative people, Etsy is a special platform for self-expression, where everyone can find like-minded people, share items with them and even become a part of their lives. So, we do.

Luxurious materials and classic design create a great-looking and functional tablet envelope case – Navis Rough Edge

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