Devicewear Clothes Up the iPad Air 2 in Ridge Folio Case

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The Ridge from Devicewear is a no frills folio tablet case designed specifically to fit the iPad Air 2. The sturdy exterior provides excellent all-round impact protection, while the ultra-soft interior lining shields the device from scratches and smudges. The covers comes with built-in magnets activating the auto sleep/wake functionality of the case. It also sports integrated stand feature offering users a wide choice of viewing angles. The magnets in the cover also act as a magnetic lock, securing the case when the tablet is not in use.

About Devicewear:
As you stroll about town with your disrobed device, people no doubt see you and whisper to one another, “Oh, for shame! That man is letting that beautiful tablet of his walk around unclad in public!” And, “What is that woman thinking? Her device is nude!”

Here at Devicewear, we are dedicated to making high-quality, stylish protective outerwear for your favorite portable device. Owners, please clothe your devices; it’s the only decent thing to do. Think of the children.

Simple tablet folio case for the iPad Air 2 offering great protective and functionality capabilities – Devicewear Ridge

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