The iPad Minis Find Unicorns With I-Blason Beetle Pro Rugged Case

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The Unicorn Beetle Pro from I-Blason is a high-quality rugged tablet case designed specifically for the iPad Mini 3. The case is made from high grade polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane combination, which allows it to absorb most impacts and scuffs. There’s also a built-in screen protector completing the all-round protection of the device. All ports and buttons are easily accessible within seconds when the case is attached to the tablet. Dual-layer, snap-on design allows quick and easy installation and ensures the case can be removed at any moment. The case will also fit the iPad Mini and the iPad Mini 2.

About I-Blason:
I-Blason. Dedicated to Appeal. I-Blason was created to present a unique approach to mobile accessories for the professional and child alike. The precise design and quality materials generate a durable, functional, and stylish case. Our products are uniquely fabricated to offer varying levels of protection. Every case is dedicated to protect, prolong, and enhance your device with a sophisticated appeal.

Through a thoughtful approach and advanced engineering technology, we anticipate how to provide premium protection to cutting-edge devices. I-Blason cases are designed to reflect personality and character with classic, elegant, professional, hip, or child-friendly, designs. Multiple color options are also available.

All-round protection including an integrated screen protector with easy access to all ports and buttons – I-Blason Unicorn Beetle

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