Top 5 iPads for Kids

  • Apple iPad Mini 2
  • Apple iPad Air
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Apple iPad Air 2
  • Apple iPad Mini 3

Apple iPad is a revolutionary device, whichever way we look at it. After inventing a whole new tech category, the Cupertino company ensured tablets become a part of our everyday life. There has been many models over the years, and currently at least 2 versions enter the market every year. The iPads are great tablets for a very wide audience from busy executives to kindergarten children, but as more and more kids are starting using these devices, it’s becoming harder for parents to choose the right tablet for their kids. We try to look at different specs and features to decide top 5 iPads for kids currently on the market.

5. Apple iPad Mini 2

Since the launch of the latest “small” device, iPad Mini 3, the predecessor is offered at a considerably lower price, but all of its power features remained untouched. It’s powered by 1.3GHz Dual-core processor, and features 1 GB or RAM, and what’s most important up to whopping 128 GB of memory, enough for whatever purpose it’s used for. One of the best Apple iPad Mini 2 tablet cases for children Speck iGuy – a true kid-proofing accessory made for younger generations, delivering rigid protection and multi-functional uses.

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Apple iPad Mini 2

4. Apple iPad Air

The first version of iPad Air not only started a new line of branding, but introduced a whole new look for the “big” Cupertino devices: thinner, smaller, more powerful, same beautiful style. Launched in November 2013, the tablet remains a weapon of choice for many business users and teenagers alike. By now, it costs a little less than the already available iPad Air 2, and thus becomes a great educational iPad for kids. Safeguarding the tablet becomes easy with one of the most popular Apple iPad Air tablet cases Pelican ProGear CE2180 Vault Series – providing ultimate impact and drop protection on top of some useful features.

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Apple iPad Air

3. Apple iPad Mini

The first ever Mini was greeted with lots of cheers, and became hugely popular practically overnight. And it’s easy to understand why: it’s got decent power characteristics under the hood, but weighs considerably less, fits one-handed use better, and excels at mobility as well. The tablet is powered by 1GHz Dual-core CPU and comes with 514 MB RAM. Users can choose up to 64 GB of space, which is quite enough to cover just about anything. And with 2 successors already on the market, the original Mini became quite affordable making it a desirable Apple iPad for kids. As for the best Apple iPad Mini tablet case to shield it from damage, kids will especially appreciate the LEGO Builder from Belkin – offering not only tough protection, but a classic LEGO base plate on the back.

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Apple iPad Mini

2. Apple iPad Air 2

Apple’s flagship – iPad Air 2 – is certainly not a toy. However, its ultra-powerful features are not only great for presentations and impressing potential clients, it is the iPad kids of older ages would want to take to school. Triple-core 1.5GHz CPU is coupled with 2 GB or RAM and lots of additional power specs. Memory choices end with 128 GB, but who says that’s not enough? And yes, it offers the best Cupertino currently holds in terms of sound, display, looks, and build quality. The best Apple iPad Air 2 tablet case for school use is Cooper CEO, offering tough all-round safety, a built-in keyboard, and lots of pockets and slots to store just about everything.

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Apple iPad Air 2

1. Apple iPad Mini 3

The most suitable iPad for kids is certainly the latest Mini – iPad Mini 3. Boasting performance of the latest “big brother”, the tablet is compact enough for smaller hands, but delivers ultimate tech specs. Apple A7 processor means 1.3GHz clock, there’s also the freshest iOS, and a whopping space up to 128 GB. There is very limited competition, and none of them come even close. As for accessories there are hundreds of cases considered to be the best Apple iPad Mini 3 tablet cases, but parents should check out the Cooper Glow – combining a tablet keyboard case functionality with decent impact protection and a lightweight body.

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Apple iPad Mini 3
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