Top 5 Best Amazon Kindle Fire HD Cases

  • Timbuk2 Envelope Sleeve
  • Cooper Prime
  • rooCase Dual-View
  • Bluelounge Bonobo Sling
  • Belkin Chambray

Launched at the end of 2012, Kindle Fire HD can already be considered a veteran among tablet devices. However, its tech specifications and usability features keep the tablet popular with a very wide audience of users from small children to constantly on-the-go businessmen. There have been thousands of accessories made for the Amazon tablet, and it’s extremely hard for users to choose the one that best suits their interest and needs. Our selection of top 5 best Amazon Kindle Fire HD cases will paint a clearer picture when it comes to selecting the best protection for this particular tablet.

5. Timbuk2 Envelope Sleeve

Basic envelope tablet case design keeps things simple for the Kindle Fire HD inside the Envelope Sleeve from Timbuk2. The case comes with durable exterior and padded interior offering great impact protection and scratch resistance. There’s a classic flap closure with 2 Velcro locks ensuring the case stays firmly shut when not in use. There are a number of attractive designs available, allowing buyers to choose the one that best suits their style.

Buy it now from Timbuk2 for $15.00

Classic tablet envelope case with 2 Velcro locks, anti-scratch interior and extra padding for great impact protection – Timbuk2 Envelope Sleeve

4. Cooper Prime

Looking for a lightweight and slim, yet protective accessory for the Kindle Fire HD? Check out the Prime folio tablet case made by Cooper. The case offers all-round protection, while keeping all ports and buttons open to direct access and without adding unnecessary bulk to the tablet. The folio also supports auto sleep/wake functionality and features an integrated stand offering several convenient viewing angles.

Buy it now for $9.95

No frills tablet folio case with all-round protection, integrated stand, and auto sleep/wake support – Cooper Prime

3. rooCase Dual-View

Multi-functionality and impressive impact protection come together in rooCase Dual-View tablet folio case. One of the best features of the case is the rotating integrated stand offering a variety of positions in both orientations. There’s also a stylus holder and auto sleep/wake functionality support. The case covers the tablet from all sides, but keeps the access to all ports and buttons open. There’s a small flap closure with a magnetic lock to keep the case shut when the device is unused.

Buy it now from rooCase for $14.94

Rotating integrated stand, stylus holder, great impact protection, auto sleep/wake functionality – rooCase Dual-View

2. Bluelounge Bonobo Sling

One of the best tablet messenger bags for the Kindle Fire HD – Bonobo Sling – is made by Bluelounge. The case offers convenient mobility and amazing impact protection all-round. There are several pockets and compartments both on the inside and outside. An adjustable shoulder strap allows users to place it comfortably over the shoulder or across body. Padded interior keeps the tablet safe from scratches and two button locks prevent the case from opening up accidentally.

Buy it now for $74.95

Multi-functional tablet messenger bag with adjustable shoulder strap, button locks, and padded interior – Bluelounge Bonobo Sling

1. Belkin Chambray

Belkin combines luxurious looks with decent protection and functionality inside the Chambray tablet folio case. The Kindle Fire HD accessory offers direct access to all ports and buttons, but shields the tablet from all sides with its durable exterior and soft interior. Built-in grooves help keep the viewing angles offered by integrated stand stable. The case comes with an elastic strap lock, keeping the accessory firmly shut when not in use. There are several colors to choose from even for the most demanding tablet owners.

Buy it now from Belkin for $17.99

Lightweight and slim tablet folio case with integrated stand and built-in grooves, and a secure strap lock – Belkin Chambray
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