iPad Air 2 Becomes the Alpha Tablet With Otterbox Screen Protector

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The iPad Air 2 can now enjoy excellent screen protection from popular with other tablet owners Otterbox’ Alpha Glass. The screen protector comes reinforced with anti-shatter technology, keeping the screen shielded from daily dents and bumps. At the same time the case ensures crystal clear visibility and touch sensitivity. There are two options to choose from in terms of material – Clear and Private. And the case is available in sizes to fit the tablet either without or with a variety of Otterbox protective cases.

About Otterbox:
Starting with something as simple as a box, OtterBox was created in 1998 and built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity and perseverance. Our cases are dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle and like our customers, we've been there too!

Similar to an otter's fur, our original line of cases is waterproof. So to incorporate that element with the fun and playful disposition of the animal our founder and his wife came up with the name OtterBox while brainstorming company names during a drive to Denver, Colo.

Crystal clear screen protection with reinforced anti-shatter technology for the iPad Air 2 – Otterbox Alpha Glass

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