Cygnett Dressed Up the iPad Minis in a Functional Armour

  • Cygnett Armour

Cygnett Armour knows how to protect the iPad Minis from damage. Solid construction and durable materials ensure the folio tablet case will shield the device from all sides, but keep its ports and buttons open to direct access. The case is lined with ultra-soft material on the inside, providing excellent scratch protection. A small clip lock will ensure the case remains securely shut, when the device is unused. There’s also integrated stand functionality delivering multiple viewing angles.

About Cygnett:
Cygnett understand that our customers lead very busy digital lives. They own multiple devices, they are more connected than ever before and technology is therefore making them more similar. We understand that in this process, maintaining their own individuality & style is important to them.

It's this drive that motivates us to deliver on 'Style & Substance'. Function delivered with a level of innovating & intuitive user-friendly design all wrapped up in style so that our customers are constantly reminded they don't need to lose their identity.

We started doing business in Australia in 2003 and now Cygnett is now very well-travelled. Cygnett Android and Apple accessories, sound, power, stands and bags can be found at selected lifestyle and consumer electronics retailers around the globe.

Protective tablet folio case compatible with all iPad Mini models offering integrated stand and a clip lock – Cygnett Armour
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