Top 5 Best Kids Apps

  • Mia – The Happy Helper!
  • ScratchJr
  • U.S. Geography with Flat Stanley HD app
  • Up to 100
  • Raz-Kids

By now most of us can’t even imagine their day without several minutes with a tablet device in their hands. The same is true about children as well. Kids nowadays use tablets for a variety of purposes, and while playing and watching cartoons still remains number 1 priority for them, more and more educational apps are winning their hearts as well. There are tens of thousands of tablet programs out there and it’s becoming really difficult to cut through them in order to pick the best ones. Our top 5 best kids apps selection spotlights only the most popular tablet applications designed for the little ones.

5. Mia – The Happy Helper!

Designed for younger kids (4-6 years), Mia – The Happy Helper! is one of the best kids apps for iPad. It delivers a number of learning activities and games with colorful graphics and appealing sounds. A little mouse will take children on adventure in the General Store, while providing plenty of opportunities to learn important things in the meantime. If your kid is using an iPad Mini 2 to play the game, then you should really consider getting one of the best Apple iPad Mini 2 tablet cases for children Speck iGuy – an accessory that will kid-proof the device from whatever the little devils will put it through.

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Mia – The Happy Helper! combines elements of exciting gameplay with learning basic skills

4. ScratchJr

Want your kid to have an idea of computer programming? ScratchJr – is one of the most popular iPad apps for kids in this respect. Designed for ages 5-7, the app will allow children to program their very own interactive stories and games. The app breaks down the programming into graphical blocks and lets kids design their own objects, solve problems, and express their creativity in a variety of ways. The application works better on larger Cupertino models, and it’s very important to shield the device from kids, just in case. One of the most popular Apple iPad Air tablet cases nowadays is ZooGue Prodigy Elite combining decent protection with full functionality.

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Find out if your kid has an apt for programming with the help of an interactive app called ScratchJr

3. U.S. Geography with Flat Stanley HD

Children with an iPad Mini 3 in their hands can now learn all about the US geography with a help of an interactive app called U.S. Geography with Flat Stanley HD. Voted best learning apps for kids, the program teaches children of ages 4-12 all about the 50 states. Capitals, flags, correct spelling, interesting locations – it’s all there and presented in a kid-friendly and attractive way. The best Apple iPad Mini 3 tablet case suitable for kids is considered to be the LEGO Builder from Belkin mixing perfect protection, with classic LEGO base plate on the back.

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Easy geography learning with the help of an iPad Mini 3 and U.S. Geography with Flat Stanley HD app

2. Up to 100

When it’s time for your children to start learning math, there’s no better educational apps for kids that Up to 100. Made for ages 4-7, the app was inspired by the Montessori method and was developed with help from schoolteachers. The program is available in multiple languages and makes learning number fun and easy. Using the iPad Mini to teach your children is easy, but the tablet requires protection from the little devils. Here’s where one of the best Apple iPad Mini tablet cases comes in. Cooper Dynamo was designed specifically for kids, and offers great levels of impact protection as well as a combination of an integrated stand and a comfy handle.

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Up to 100 – is considered to be one of the best educational apps to teach children all about math.

1. Raz-Kids

Raz Kids app for Apple gadgets allows your children to access hundreds of electronic books and quizzes helping them to become better readers. All learning materials are interactive and come with various levels of difficulty – 27 in all. They cover a variety of subjects and engage kids in their specific area of interest at their own reading level. Naturally, reading is done better on the larger tablets like iPad Air 2, but Cupertino’s current flagship certainly needs to feel safe in kids’ hands. Protection can be ensured by one of the best Apple iPad Air 2 tablet cases - Survivor Slim from Griffin providing all-round protection tested up to Military Standards.

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Arguably the best iPad app for children – Raz-Kids – helps them learn how to read in an easy and fun way
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