Make Your iPad Mini Blossom Inside the Mulberry Nappa Leather Sleeve

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The iPad Minis get a special treatment from Mulberry. Their Blossom line of tablet sleeves is made from high-quality Nappa leather delivering stunning looks, but also taking care of impact protection. The case is lined with brushed leather on the inside ensuring perfect scratch and smudge protection. There are no locking mechanisms on the case, but the tight fit ensures the tablet will remain inside the case without any possibility to slip out accidentally. There’s a Perforated Mulberry Tree design print on the front side underlining the luxury status of the case.

About Mulberry:
Mulberry creates beautiful leather products from the most carefully chosen and exquisite natural leathers. Each individual bag is the result of highly skilled craftsmanship married with creativity, imagination and innovation. From its home to its most iconic signature pieces, Mulberry is an English luxury brand. It is individual, charming, practical and idiosyncratic.

Roger Saul established the business in Somerset in 1971 using £500 he received on his birthday. He named the brand after the Mulberry tree that he walked past each day in the grounds of his school. The first collection consisted of plaited belts and chokers, desirable leather accessories regarded as the handbags of their time.

Simple tablet sleeve for the iPad Mini family crafted from premium leather and featuring a beautiful design print – Mulberry Blossom

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