3 Best Tablet Apps for Kids in Preschool and Kindergarten

best-Tablet-ipad-Apps-for-Kids-in-Preschool-and-KindergartenTablets are helping children learn in new and exciting ways through the use of educational tablet apps. Not only are they visually stimulating, but they allow children the chance to get ahead by teaching basic skills like reading and simple math. Summer is a great time to work with your children before the new school year starts! Download one or all of these tablet apps and help your preschooler or kindergarten learn new things.


Moose Math

moose-math-kids-appMoose Math helps teach children basic math skills like counting, addition, subtraction, sorting and geometry. Learn how by playing 1 of 5 fun games in the app like Moose Juice or Pet Bingo. Children can earn rewards by playing the games and parents can view their progress using the report card tool. Moose Math is built for children 3-8 years old and is available for iOS and Android.



LumiKids Park


Built by Luminosity, LumiKids Park helps children learn by visiting an interactive park. There they can play games to practice sorting, work on visual coordination and learn to focus. Backed by researchers, Lumikids adapts to each child’s learning ability and skill level. Parents can see how their children play in the app and receive tips and on ways to help them with these specific skills in real life. Available in English, French, Japanese and Spanish Lumikids is built for 2-5 year olds and downloadable on iOS and Android.



Stumpy’s Alphabet Dinner

Stumpy’s-Alphabet-Dinner-kids-appMade for children ages 5 and below, Stumpy’s Alphabet Dinner teaches basic learning skills. Meet Stumpy’s friends Otto and Lexie, who teach colors, shapes and numbers. When those games are over, help Stumpy eat his dinner while learning the alphabet. The app was created for iOS and includes an additional hard mode for advanced children. Roo Roo, the makers of the app understand kids, so there are no in app purchase, ads or buttons to be pressed.



Help your 3-6 year old learn math, letters, colors and even attention skills with these 3 tablet apps for preschool and kindergarten. Teach fundamental skills they will take with them to school and beyond.

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