Ndevr iPadding Gremlin Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3 Kids Play Case review


The appeal of the Ndevr iPadding Gremlin kids’ tablet case was immediately apparent to Tablet2Cases’ resident experts, Suzie (age 7½) and Sylvia (age 6). Already big fans of the Speck iGuy, the girls adored maybe even more this little red devil made of soft but tough polyolefin material. Best yet, the Gremlin play tablet case features a so-cute tail attachment that makes it a case with stand.

Editor's Rating 

The primary red color of the Ndevr Gremlin instantly attracted the eye of this writer’s daughters – “Ooooh, what’s that?” they said together as it was being retrieved from the package. This kids' tablet case is easy on/easy off, an immediately apparent boon to any parent with slightly-less-than-patient junior tablet users (so, basically, any parent). The Apple iPad Mini cases is set in the rubber-like material with no snaps or fasteners needed.

Like the Speck iGuy, the Ndevr Gremlin is a humanoid-shaped tablet case employing a similar design. The “arms” of the case serve the function of carrying handles perfect for small hands. But rather than “legs”, the Gremlin features a “tail” that acts like a kickstand for hands-free tablet use. This piece squeezes into a hole at the back of the tablet and, when attached, serves to prop the iPad Mini for viewing at a few angles in landscape format. And this stand will take some pushing on the touchscreen without falling over.

As in any kids’ tablet case, the polyolefin design here is nicely resilient enough to the punishment young ones might dish out. The squishy, rubbery material represents great protection against drops; the case bounces fairly well from serious heights and keeps that iPad working.

Easy to use, immediately appealing and lightweight, the Ndevr Gremlin is essentially everything a concerned parent seeks in a kids’ tablet case. But don’t ask me, talk to Suzie and Sylvia – that is of course if you can get their attention.


  • 2013 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Case for Kids & Best Play Case
  • Rugged, drop proof case
  • Designed for children
  • Integrated “tail” tablet stand feature
  • Tough rubber-like material
  • Sound tunnel for improved audio
  • Vibrant color selection

        Overall: Amazing


        • Exclusively designed for use with the Apple iPad Mini
        • Vibrant color
        • Made entirely of pliable but tough Polyolefin material
        • Non-toxic, Eco-friendly design
        • Shock-absorbing protection for all tablet sides
        • Soft handles for easy grip-ability
        • Cutouts for all tablet buttons, ports, speakers and rear-camera
        • Sound tunnel redirects sound toward the front and boosts volume by 10db
        • Tail appendage props the tablet for hands-free use
        • Tail rotates to adjust the stand angle


                  Tablet Apple iPad Mini,   Apple iPad Mini 2,   Apple iPad Mini 3
                  Style Folio
                  Brand Ndevr
                  Function Kids
                  Price Great Value $40-$79
                  Dimensions 10.4 x 3.9 x 8.6 inches
                  Exterior Material Rubber
                  Features Button Cutouts, Port Cutouts , Speaker Grill, Handles, Rugged/Tough,Stand Feature


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