M-Edge Recon Apple iPad 3/4 Folio review


Built military tough, the M-Edge Recon Case gets high marks in nearly every area. This zippered folio tablet case promises a long life and great everyday protection throughout that span. Also notable is M-Edge’s “uView Mounting System” which makes a top-notch (albeit sometimes difficult to manipulate) tablet stand .

Editor's Rating 

Never mind its name, the Reacon Case screams “military” at first glance. Especially the olive drab green design (also available in black or tan). Sure enough, that familiar color is an indicator of this zipper folio’s rugged and resistant military-grade nylon canvas design. To push the armed-forces theme a little further, the exterior nylon webbing is compatible with the US Army’s Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE). For civilians, this mostly means the Recon Case can be clipped easily to, say, a frame backpack with ringlets. As one would expect, the tough water-resistant material provides excellent protection against scratches, shocks and light drops. The enclosing zippers to seal the clamshell-style case are sturdily constructed. The exterior front pocket with snap-button closure is a nice extra perk. And for those using a stylus, there is an interior elastic loop holder provided here too. On the inside, the new Apple iPad 3/4 is held securely in place by a snap-in plastic frame which incorporates M-Edge’s “uView Mounting System.” This style of mount allows the stand to transition from landscape to portrait format and back. But actually doing so does take some getting used to. The tablet stand supports multiple viewing angles ranging between 40° and 80°. The plastic frame provides clear access to all iPad controls and features, and conveniently slides up so the rear-camera can be used without having to remove the tablet from its secure place inside the cradle.


  • Very tough military-grade nylon exterior
  • Exterior pocket and interior stylus holder
  • Multi-angle, dual-format tablet stand

            Overall: GREAT

            The M-Edge Recon Case may not win any beauty contests, but iPad users could fall in love with the well above-average protection and longevity it brings to the table. And military or law-enforcement types hardly need the advice that this is a best case scenario (they’re probably already using it).


            • Designed for use with the new Apple iPad 3/4
            • Ultra-strong military-grade nylon canvas design
            • MOLLE compatible nylon webbing on the outside
            • Exterior front-side pocket with dual snap-button closure
            • Dual zipper with pull-string closure
            • Interior snap-in plastic frame holds tablet firmly fitted
            • Frame provides clear access to all buttons and input/output ports
            • Foldable design and uView Mounting System combine for versatile tablet stand function
            • Supports 55°, 65°, and 80° angles in landscape format
            • Supports 40° to 50° angles in portrait format
            • Interior elastic strap for stylus (sold separately)
            • Provides great all-around protection against scratches, shocks and light-impact drops
            • Net weight: 499 g / 17.6 oz


                          Tablet Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                          Style Folio
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Dimensions 8.25 X 0.9 X 10.5 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Nylon
                          Features Screen Pivot,Stand Feature, Stylus Holder


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