SwitchEasy RibCage Universal iPad Sleeve review


Now here’s a truly unique design. While other products may be described as providing protection with a “rib cage” frame, SwitchEasy actually incorporates the skeletal shape in raised form on the front of its RibCage tablet sleeves . The first recommendation: As a gift item for that medically-thinking someone in your life.

Editor's Rating 

Though the SwitchEasy RibCage may simply be essentially a no-frills sleeve for the iPad, iPad 2, New iPad 3 or any 10” tablets, we can truly say that the design is one in a million. Taking literally the “RibCage” in the name, SwitchEasy has produced an intriguing design which features a raised Xray-like image of – you guessed it – a ribcage. And this is where the distinctiveness of this product may begin and end. The ribs themselves, crafted in the same faux-leather as the entire exterior, may provide a bit of extra protection against impacts but it will evidently increase the bulk of your tablet. That exterior does make for a nice feel and a slick look and the RibCage’s interior of velvet lining is also clearly of high quality. As a nice added touch, there’s a screen protector provided. While a tablet stand is hardly a standard inclusion in a sleeve, SwitchEasy does include a pair of stands that work OK in propping up the RibCage for viewing. Users won’t be able to really type effectively, though, and despite claims that one is enough to stand the iPad firmly, after some use we’ll have to recommend clipping both on. But no matter. Going along with the theme of this sleeve, we’ll exhume ol’ Doctor “Bones” McCoy’s classic line from Star Trek. “Dammit, Jim, it’s a sleeve case, not a portfolio!”


  • Eye-catching design
  • Included Screen Protector
  • Included Tablet Stand

            Overall: GOOD

            Make no bones about it: the SwitchEasy RibCage design is eye-catching and utterly unique. Combined with some decent protection, that extra shock absorption and quality design and the 10” tablet/iPad user could be well pleased with this attention-grabber of a sleeve.


            • Designed to fit any full-sized Apple iPad
            • Scratch-/water-resistant polyurethane exterior
            • Shock absorbing rib-cage design for screen protection
            • Elasto-PU back panel holds the iPad firmly in place
            • Included tablet stand and screen protector


                          Tablet 9'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand SwitchEasy
                          Features ScreenPivotssss


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