SwitchEasy Trig Universal iPad Sleeve


Touted as a tablet sleeve, the SwitchEasy Trig unfortunately becomes something of a mixed bag. On one hand, the durability of its polyurethane exterior is noteworthy, and the well above average protection provided by a reinforced tri-panel design is exceptional. On the other hand, the integrated stand feature is basically forgettable.

Editor's Rating 

For protective and carrying purposes, the SwitchEasy Trig sleeve is near ideal. The quality, tough faux-leather exterior is a great start and the reinforced panel design defends the tablet from everyday accidents superbly well in combination with the thick felt interior. So far, so good. SwitchEasy has a nice, no-nonsense, lightweight tablet case here – even available in a few colors. And then it seems someone in design bit off a bit more than he/she could chew. This three-panel, “foldable” sleeve also promises to serve as a stand for the tablet. The stand on the SwitchEasy Trig may be assembled by reading the five-step instructions and can prop the tablet for viewing in landscape and portrait modes. To put it plainly, though, the stand is a drawback. Constructed well enough with sturdy snaps holding things together it somehow feels weak. The lightest of screen taps were enough to move the device and the mushy feel on the table surface was distracting. The stand in the Trig tablet case is useable well enough for video viewing, but beyond that, forget it. Again, why this feature was included in the SwitchEasy Trig at all is a mystery to this tablet user. Aside from this, the Trig is a perfectly good – even exceptional – protective sleeve for any full-sized iPad tablet. All the stand “feature” does here is add a bit of unneeded extra bulk at the bottom and bump up the price. Perhaps there’s a reason why tablet sleeves so rarely include an embedded stand...


  • Reinforced panels for protection
  • Integrated stand feature
  • Included screen protector

            Overall: GOOD

            Again, it comes down to this in the SwitchEasy Trig - if you want a protective sleeve, this one’s near the top. If you want a proper embedded stand, it’s closer to the bottom of the ranks. Quite a mixed bag indeed.


            • Designed to fit any full-sized Apple iPad
            • Scratch-/water-resistant polyurethane exterior
            • Reinforced tough panels for added protection and stability
            • Ultra-soft lining
            • Enclosure flap w/ snap button lock
            • Integrated stand feature for hands-free display


                          Tablet 9'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand SwitchEasy
                          Features Stand Feature


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