Angry Birds Themed Apple iPad 2/3/4 Back Protector and Smart Cover Combo in Red review


This Angry Birds case is a very affordable way of going about getting a back protector and smart cover all in one. Notable features include a strong material build, firm magnetic attachment and function, and great stability in tablet stand modes. But ultimately, it’s those distinctive Angry Birds emblazoned on the exterior that will make this a best case scenario for a select crowd of iPad users

Editor's Rating 

This Angry Birds themed case offers more than just some distinctive looks. It’s a great way of getting two popular case-styles for one amazing low price. The polycarbonate snap-in shell can fit either the Apple iPad 2 or New iPad 3 & 4. Which does the usual stuff of keeping the tablet fully functional and protecting its back and edges from basic wear and tear. The Smart Cover itself is standard scratch- and water-resistant polyurethane leather with a microfiber interior lining. The design features an excellent hinge magnet that snaps the smart cover on firmly while also allowing easy removal when needed. Naturally, the cover includes an embedded magnet for both auto sleep/wake and tablet stand function. And the four-creased design is equally standard in its folding to provide one stand angle each for typing and viewing in landscape mode.


  • Cost-effective design
  • Scratch/water-resistant exterior
  • Durable build

            Overall: GOOD

            Says the cliché: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – and the parts in this case are each pretty good on their own. But looking at the entire picture, this is a definite best case scenario for the Angry Birds enthusiast.


            • Works with the Apple iPad 2 or New iPad 3/4
            • Fun Angry Birds themed design
            • Polycarbonate snap-in rear shell
            • PU leather Smart Cover attachment
            • Interior cover lined with soft-touch microfiber
            • Automatic sleep/wake function
            • Cutouts for buttons, input/output ports and rear-facing camera
            • Folding cover supports 10° and 65° angles for typing/viewing in landscape format
            • Scratch and water-resistant material design
            • Provides good all-around protection against basic wear and tear
            • Combined net weight: 210 g / 7.4 oz


                          Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3
                          Style Shell
                          Brand Angry Birds
                          Function Kids, School, Themed
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Dimensions -
                          Exterior Material -
                          Closure -
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Sleep/Wake Cover.


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