Wardmaster iPad/10" Tablet Neoprene Sleeve review


Your iPad is one of the coolest things out there, so why compromise on its accessories. This Wardmaster case has both a visual design with real attitude and the very best protective TDS material technology.

Editor's Rating 

Although the pattern might make you go a little cross-eyed if you stare at it long enough, what will really get your attention is the impact protection-to-weight ratio of this folio case. The casing uses the patented TDS material technology to keep the weight and bulk very low, without compromising on the security of your beloved iPad or iPad 2. As is often the situation with folio tablet cases, some users might feel the lack of a handle or an internal Velcro safety fastening, but otherwise it delivers where and when it counts



  • 360 degree protection from patented TDS materials
  • Shock resistant, impact resistant, vibration resistant
  • Party like it's 1933 all over again

            Overall: GOOD

            An all-round performer with the particular high point being the distinctive visuals. iPad enthusiasts or extensive travelers might want a few more features, but for only $20 they couldn't ask for better protection.


            • Stylish design combined with patented protection material
            • Waterproof and anti-wear
            • Excellent for any occasion, whether you are at working, in school or traveling.
            • Protects tablet from dust, scratch etc.
            • Designed to fit the iPad and iPad 2 and a wide range of 9- and 10-inch tablets


                          Tablet 9'' Tablet, 10'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand Wardmaster
                          Function Womens
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Dimensions 9.8 x 1.2 x 7.6 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Neoprene
                          Closure Zipper
                          Features Smart Cover Compatible


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