id America SmartFold Apple iPad Air Folio in Black


On the idAmerica SmartFold folio, the product description reads “made with durable leatherette to provide complete protection, enhanced functionality and elegant style for your iPad Air.” Well, two out of three ain’t bad. While Tablet2Cases cannot recommend this tablet folio case for protective abilities, this decent-looking accessory includes enough features to pass muster.

Editor's Rating 

If you’ve visited the id America website already, the company’s as-advertised SmartFold leatherette “portfolio” is a case of buyer beware: Those expecting a proper portfolio case for the iPad Air will be slightly disappointed upon receiving the item only to find it bereft of those handy pockets and other features the more outfitted portfolio style tends to include. Also of note is idAmerica’s worrying tout that the SmartFold offers “complete protection” when encasing the iPad Air. T2C supposes this could depend on one’s definition of “complete protection,” but we think we know the meaning. While the SmartFold nicely covers the iPad Air and includes some well notable, top-notch magnets for closure, the entire edge of this case lacks the thick padding surrounding wrapping the tablet’s back – worse yet, two corners are left entirely exposed. While a drop which lands the iPad Air on a corner while encased in the SmartFold may not necessarily doom the tablet to extinction, we don’t like its chances. If the iPad Air owner isn’t in the market for a protective case, however, the id America SmartFold serves as an admirable folio case. All cutouts are tightly molded and all exterior stitching meets the leatherette material in quality and durability. This water- and dust-resistant exterior is available in a few colors. In terms of features, the SmartFold includes one of note: The SmartCover-like front cover from which the company fashioned the case’s brand name. Extending the back cover into the familiar tri-fold front allows the same pyramidal base to form a tablet stand for viewing in landscape mode. When formed, the stand is good, stable and sturdier than Apple’s own product. A best case scenario for the iPad Air user? Perhaps – as long as a *folio case* is expected.


  • Smart cover attached
  • Top-notch closure/tablet stand magnets
  • Good, durable leatherette material

            Overall: GOOD

            So how does the SmartFold compare to say, a genuine Smart Cover plus a folio-style backer with tablet stand included? The bargain price goes a long way, as does the durability. A good best case scenario for those iPad Air owners seeking a good-looking, simple *folio* (not portfolio) that’s easy to carry.


            • Designed exclusively to fit the Apple iPad Air
            • Premium leatherette cover and soft lining
            • Magnetic locking cover
            • Auto sleep/wake function
            • Cutouts for all buttons, ports, speakers and rear-camera
            • Foldable cover for hands-free display support
            • Provides one angle for typing and viewing modes
            • Perfect form-fitting design for the iPad Air
            • Inserted back padding offers extra protection against bumps and drops
            • Available in several colors for men and women


                          Tablet Apple iPad Air
                          Style Folio
                          Brand id America
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Dimensions 6.75 x 0.35 x 9.5 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Faux-Leather
                          Closure Magnetic
                          Features Sleep/Wake Cover ,Stand Feature.


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