Vertere 6" - 10" Tablet Car Mount


The Vertere plastic tablet car mount is like heavy commuter traffic - the design is a bit stop and go - best suited for use in vehicles that drive in the car pool lane. The cradle piece has some flimsy components that makes installing any tablet a bit problematic for even the most patient drivers, and can often require assistance from a fellow passenger. The suction-cup base is hassle-free, and all other working functions here allow the tablet to be positioned in many angles and formats for the driver, side passenger, or even those riding in the backseats, to have clear view of the display.

Editor's Rating 

The Vertere universal tablet car mount is a two-piece design consisting of a holder cradle with four clamping feet. It snaps onto a pedestal base with an incorporated rubber suction-cup that securely fastens onto glass, metal, porcelain-ceramic,and most plastic-based materials. The adjustable cradle can extend from a minimum 4.1”(10.5cm) to a maximum 7.6”(19.5cm) in order to welcome any tablet size. It’s even possible to keep the device enclosed in a back protector , folio or book-style case , as the clamping feet are also expandable and include soft rubber pads to help grip/cushion the device or case sides. The one drawback is that the top two feet (4.1”/10.5cm wide) can cover buttons/volume-controls on smaller tablets sized 7” or less, if not center-positioned, like those in the Blackberry Playbook. The back of the holding cradle features a ball-bearing joint for rotating the tablet 360 degrees between landscape/portrait formats, and slightly tilting it left/right and up/down. Dependent on the direction you mount, the pedestal arm can be loosened for swinging the display to the left, right, up, down, or even angles in between. Contrary to metal types that require bolts/screws for mounting, this one features a hinge-style lock for quick attachment and release - so beyond a car, you can easily transfer it for use on a boat/yacht, inside an RV camper or aircraft, and also around the home or office to function as a tablet stand case or wall mount .


  • Fits a variety of tablet sizes
  • 360° tablet display rotation
  • Up/down tilt and left/right pan movement

            Overall: OKAY

            You don't need an abundant wallet here, just an ample amount of patience for fitting any tablet into the cradle piece. In the end, patience will be rewarded with a solution that can keep fidgety backseat passengers in check.


            • Universal design to fit any tablet 6" to 10" in size
            • Apple Smart Cover compatible
            • Works with tablets enclosed in a back protector or lightweight/slim folio case
            • Fits on standard car headrest bars (1.5 cm in diameter)
            • Clear access to controls/features on most devices
            • Lightweight hard plastic design
            • All clamping components lined with rubber padding
            • Ball-bearing socket rotates display 360°, tilts up/down and pans left/right
            • Swinging arm component adjusts screen display up/down or left/right


                          Tablet 6'' Tablet, 7'' Tablet, 8'' Tablet, 9'' Tablet, 10'' Tablet
                          Style Car Mount
                          Brand Generic
                          Function Travel
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Exterior Material Plastic
                          Closure Clip
                          Features Screen Pivot ,Smart Cover Compatible.


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