Cooper Flipper Kindle Touch Flip Case


If genuine leather cases are too rich for your wallet, then choose the Cooper Flipper, which projects similar aesthetic for a much lower price. In line with your wallet in more ways than one, this flip tablet case keeps your Kindle Touch compact and lightweight allowing it to be conveniently carried in an interior or exterior coat pocket.

Editor's Rating 

The Cooper Flipper has an strong, straight-off the manufacturing line smell, but the design is all about concentrating on more important senses, like remaining in touch with your Kindle and projecting the look of a nice professional aesthetic. Its polyurethane design includes cover magnets and an inner-frame, all combining to keep your device secure during transport and sufficiently protect against the most common everyday harms. Whether in your hand, in a jacket pocket, or inside a briefcase, this magnetic flip case is not only about providing easy device portability, but rather it also functions as a tablet stand with three rails on the inside of the cover to provide stable support for vertical-format work/viewing modes.


  • Magnetically sealed cover
  • Multiple angled tablet stand

          Overall: OKAY

          With a streamlined design that gets down the basic business of offering the Kindle Touch function and protection, I view the Cooper Flipper to be a decent choice for any business professional who seeks sufficient reward for their low investment risk.


                        Style Flip
                        Brand Cooper Cases
                        Price Budget $1 - $39


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