Case-Mate Animal Print Versant Apple iPad 2 Folio


Gold Snake Skin, Hot Pink Snake, Gold Cheetah? These aren’t crazy super-hero names. These are the animal-inspired designs for the Case-Mate Versant case. The folio case is an exotic attraction in the jungle of tablet cases. Not only does the case give an eye-catching style, it also converts into a tablet stand for your viewing and typing pleasure.

Editor's Rating 

If you feel that your working days have fallen into the same old routine, perhaps it is time to spice things up. Case Mate’s Animal Print Versant folio is packed with personality that is sure to make you smile. The Versant has 3 design options: Gold Snake Skin, Hot Pink Snake, Gold Cheetah—each one having a different type of eye-catching appeal. These designs aren’t for everyone, but they might just be perfect for an equally wild tablet user.

The case’s front cover folds back into a multi-angled stand that blends the wild jungle design with living room functionality. On the back of the case is a strap that allows you to freely use your iPad 2 almost anywhere. Beware though, the Versant has been known to not hold the tablet very securely, so there is a risk that it could slip out. The other drawback is that when the iPad 2 is inserted, it is hard to keep it matched up with the camera cutouts and home button. Over time this constant readjustment becomes a bit annoying. A good thing though, the case comes with smart magnet technology that puts your iPad 2 instantly to sleep while the case is closed.


  • Adjustable stand
  • Hand strap feature
  • Eye-catching design

            Overall: MEDIOCRE

            We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its front cover, but that is exactly how you take Case-Mate’s Versant. The animal print designs are funky and bold, but the case as a whole doesn't really offer much for the tablet.


            • Exclusively designed to fit the Apple iPad 2
            • Faux-leather design with exotic, eye-catching pattern
            • Magnetic locking cover
            • Auto sleep/wake function
            • Built-in hand strap
            • Integrated stand with multiple display angles


                          Tablet Apple iPad 2
                          Style Folio
                          Brand Case-Mate
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Exterior Material Exotic, Faux-Leather
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill


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