Plaide iPad 2 Back Protector


For complimenting your Burberry plaid scarf or tie, this more cost-efficient generic brand accessory is a nice solution for providing the iPad 2 simple protection while its pattern design can further project your sense of style.

Editor's Rating 

Made of polycarbonate material, this tablet protector case can shield the iPad 2 against bumps and scratches while its vinyl-like exterior skin can also repel liquid spills. The lightweight and trim shape will easily fit inside a large tablet bag, which should serve useful considering that its hard case style loosely fits the iPad 2. Then again, stowing it in an alternative carrying solution will prevent any dedicated follower of fashion from showing off their device when dressed with some trendy fashion


  • Access to all external ports and camera Lightweight and trim design Vinyl exterior can repel liquid spills

          Overall: BAD

          Although not an outstanding choice, its unique pattern design alone may be enough to suit those who want to accessorize their iPad 2 with some style.


                        Tablet Apple iPad 2
                        Style Shell
                        Brand Generic
                        Price Budget $1 - $39
                        Exterior Material Plastic


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