4 Cycling Apps that Will Make You a Better Rider

top-cycling-appsCycling is a great form of exercise that can be done outside with only a bike. However, biking can be complicated and those new to the sport may need some help along the way. Apps for smartphones and tablets can be useful tools for cyclists, helping them track distance, find trails for mountain biking and learn to ride more efficiently. Use these 5 cycling apps and be a better rider.




Cyclemeter markets itself as, “ the most advanced iPhone app for cycling and mountain biking.” Record workouts, heart rate, bike speed and cadence, through sensors integratable with the app. Start and stop time using the remote on your headphones or use your Apple watch and store your smartphone in a pocket. Search through old workouts by route, date or activity and reuse them as needed. 

Plan routes in advanced or get on a bike and see where you end up and let the GPS track your progress. With more than 120 announcements like speed, time and distance guarantee stay informed during the ride. Cyclemeter is free for iOS and features an Elite version for $9.99.



Bike Gear Calculator


Bike Gear Calculator allows users to customize the app to meet their specific bike specifications. Input sprocket, chainring and tires and then receive information on how to improve the riding experience. Learn how far you can travel using a particular gear or input a goal and compare gears to find the best one to meet your goal. Bike Gear Calculator costs $1.99 and is available for iOS and Android.  




top-cycling-apps-stravaStrava allows for the tracking of rides through GPS or by uploading workouts  from Garmin. Ride a section of road and compete to beat your time or times of others who have ridden there and see where you rank. Discover the best places to ride anywhere in the world through the app and then share with friends on social media. Make sure equipment is well maintained by inputting maintenance dates and notes into Strava. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.



Dirt School Mountain Bike Coaching

top-cycling-apps-dirt-schoolLearn to be a better mountain biker with Dirt School. Featuring a library of 11 biking techniques, videos and written information, Dirt School makes it easy to improve mountain biking skills at home or on the trail. Upload video of your riding and compare it to videos that show the correct technique. Dirt School costs $4.99 (Pounds) and is available for iOS.



ViewRanger GPS

top-cycling-apps-viewranger-gpsViewRanger gives users access to thousands of mountain biking trails throughout the US and beyond. Create your own route or download one from the in app library. The tracking function uses the tablet or smartphone’s GPS, meaning no service is required to record the ride. Use BuddyBeacon to share your location with a friend whenever trail riding alone. ViewRanger works in powersave mode making it easy to trail ride longer. ViewRanger is free and available for iOS, Android, Kindle and Symbian devices.



Get out on the road or trail now! Use these 4 cycling apps to get the most out of your bike, by tracking distance, finding trails and learning new techniques. Are you a cyclist? What apps do you love? Tell us more about them in the comments.

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