Cooper Infinite Cam Universal 7-8" / 9-10" Tablet Folio review

There are several advantages to Universal folio-style cases. The downside is that often most do not allow you to use the rear-facing camera while the tablet is encased. That is, until now, thanks to the introduction of the Infinite Cam from Cooper Cases. In addition to its adjustable strap-like system for welcoming a variety of tablets, the Infinite Cam features unique folding back-cover panels which can provide access to your device's rear-side camera (depending on its location).


  • Secure hold on tablet, good strap lock
  • Unique folding back panels for rear-camera access


Cooper has solved a problem that occur with most universal folios. That is, how can a "universal" case not only adapt to fit a variety of tablets while also still providing access to the rear-camera, which varies from tablet to tablet? The Infinite Cam attempts to solve this dilema by incorporating two folding back-cover panels. However, it truly only works if your tablet's rear-camera is located near the corners, and not in the middle (as it is on many Samsung Galaxy Tab & Note models).

This particular Infinite Cam model is designed for use with a variety of tablets with 7-8" & 9-10" screen size. Here, there is one fixed plastic claw (on the right-hand side) that measures 0.39 inches thick. Other than that, very basic functionality is provided via an integrated single-angle tablet stand which props the device for viewing and typing. The latter is not the sturdiest support, mainly due to the rather weak binding in the case. Combine the weak binding with the tight-fitting elastic strap lock, and the Infinite’s cover can warp.

Though the Infinite Cam attempts to improve on past universal case models, it's still not without some limitations. However, it can surely be a best case scenario for many Android/Windows tablet owners who cannot locate a case made especially for their device.


    • Soft Twill fabric cover
    • Elastic strap closure
    • Soft microfiber lining
    • Rotatable claws allow for clear access to tablet buttons and ports
    • Folding back panels offer rear-camera access (depending on its location)
    • Integrated tablet stand for hands-free display in landscape format
    • Supports the tablet at 15° and 65° angles for typing and viewing modes


                    Model Name Infinite Cam
                    Tablet 7" Tablets, 8" Tablets, 9" Tablets, 10" Tablets
                    Style Folio
                    Brand Cooper Cases
                    Function Business, Womens, Mens, Student
                    Price Budget $1 - $39
                    Dimensions (WDH) 7-8" Tablets - 5.8 x .79 x 8.6 in; 9-10" Tablets - 7.5 x 0.8 x 10 in
                    Weight 7-8" Tablets - 165g / 5.8 oz; 9-10" Tablets - 198g/7oz
                    Exterior Material Polyurethane
                    Lock Strap
                    Features Universal, Integrated stand
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