Cooper Stack Google Nexus 7 (2013) / 7" Tablet Sleeve review

Imagine a teacher advising his/her students to take out their tablets in order to watch a video lesson. With the exception of little Johnny, all other students place their tablets flat on the desk. Meanwhile, Johnny quickly folds his sleeve into a triangle and props the tablet upright for a comfortable viewing angle. Not a hazy dream: Johnny has the Stack tablet sleeve for new Google Nexus 7 (2013), and most other 7" tablets. This particular Cooper case features a hands-free stand support and stylus holder, while also providing the same good protective qualities that tablet sleeves generally do.


  • Built-in tablet stand feature
  • Stylus holder
  • Good protection


    At first glance, the Stack by Cooper Cases looks like just another rendition of a basic generic sleeve of average capability. The sectioned rubber bands on the exterior, however, look enigmatic enough to warrant closer inspection. Upon this, the sleeve reveals that it is designed with sectioned panels, which – when folded into a triangle – forms a stand feature for hands-free tablet display.

    Since the top flap of the case has a strong and consistently convenient and safe magnetic closure, the stand is formed by taking advantage of this already existing feature. In stand mode, the magnetic force keeps the body of the case folded onto itself in a triangle, while the top flap doubles as a ‘foothold’ stopper for the tablet’s lower edge.

    In stand mode, the tablet is completely ‘naked’ and separated from the sleeve, which allows it to be propped both in a vertical and horizontal orientation. Additionally, the 2 stopper ledges give 2 viewing angles available in either orientation setting, providing a total of 4 possible viewing modes.

    Naturally, this is not the sturdiest stand due to the lack of a positive locking mechanism to keep the tablet attached to the stand. But it works quite well anyway. And let’s face it: a sleeve that is convertible into a stand is something you don’t come across too often.

    The wide rubber bands on the front also look simply like decoration at first, but small cables, chargers, stylus pens and the like can be stuck under these loops, which is yet another smart feature adding value to this cannily capable case.


    • Designed to fit most 6-7" tablets
    • Soft synthetic cover with microfiber lining
    • Sleeve folds into tablet stand for two viewing angles
    • Supports the tablet in either landscape or portrait format
    • Stylus holder
    • Scratch- and water-resistant exterior
    • Good all-around protection from wear, tear and accidental drops
    • Fits the iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Kobo Arc, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and more


      Model Name Stack
      Tablet Google Nexus 7 (2013) / 7" Tablet
      Style Sleeve
      Brand Cooper Cases
      Function School
      Price Budget $1 - $39
      Dimensions Google Nexus 7 (2013) / 7" Tablet - 8.3 x 0.4 x 6.1 in (WDH);
      Weight Google Nexus 7 (2013) / 7" Tablet - 120g/4.2oz
      Exterior Material Polyurethane
      Lock Flap, Magnetic
      Features Stand feature


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