Germanmade BIC Apple iPad 2/3/4 Portfolio review


Well ladies, who are we to tell you not to get the BIC? However, our guess is that due to its heft and unadorned look, the BIC may end up being more attractive to men than women. But for anyone who seeks the multi-functionality of a portfolio with a custom space included for their iPad, then the BIC case may easily be his/her best case scenario.

Editor's Rating 

et's say you arrive in a meeting and want to use your iPad without the large portfolio taking up a lot of space in front of you. No problem, the BIC features an internal wooden frame that is held by 4 Velcro patches. So it takes only a split second to remove the iPad, and then you are ready to set the case aside. The same holds true for the document/card holder on the other side. so you have a total freedom as to which side you place these and naturally up/down orientation is up to you as well. The frame's lower left corner features a groove which lets you insert the tablet horizontally or vertically for a steep yet sturdy hands-free display support. As we discovered – an undocumented, but very useful – continuously variable viewing stand also exists in this case. This extra feature is easily achieved by lifting the left side of the frame from its Velcro attachments and then sliding it over to rest on the BIC’s inside cover. Rest assured: easier done than said (please refer to the pics). The wooden frame allows for clear access to all tablet buttons and ports, and is finished with a black laminated varnish to match the iPad bezel. Unfortunately the rear-facing camera is completely blocked out, even when the inlay is removed from the portfolio. This is only an issue if you take a lot of spontaneous photos on the go. Because in more controlled situations it is easy to take the tablet out of the frame and then set the rest of the case aside. Seemingly one thing still missing from this case is a second zipper, as this would allow the user to connect a charger or headphone cable when the portfolio is sealed. Regardless, once the BIC case is shut, it will shield the tablet from bumps, dirt, scratches, as well as limit damage caused by accidental drops.

              Overall: GREAT


                              Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                              Style Portfolio
                              Brand Germanmade
                              Function Business
                              Price High End $80 - $149
                              Exterior Material Leather


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