Piel Frama Cinema Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Genuine Leather Folio review


For those iPad owners with a certain image to maintain and who wish to make a profound first impression, Piel Frama delivers some of the very best genuine leather cases. The Cinema folio goes beyond this to also provide its users added function via an integrated stand feature that displays the iPad tablet in a number of angles for both work and viewing entertainment.


  • Sublime quality!
  • Supports numerous hands-free display angles
  • Inserted padding for extra protection and grip
  • Choice colors and distinctive grains and patterns


        They say you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes he or she wears. Nowadays, it could very well be your tablet case that allows you to make a great first impression. This is when sublime genuine leather Piel Frama cases step up to offer that distinguished, professional look you desire for your iPad tablet.

        The company offers a small selection of cases custom-designed for the iPad tablets. And of the lot, this Cinema folio is the most advanced model in terms of overall purpose and function. The case is appropriately named because it features a fold out stand that supports the tablet hands-free in a variety of landscape display angles for viewing, and even typing modes. Since the case is made to form-fit the iPad tablet, it includes precise cutouts to clearly access all buttons, ports, speakers and cameras. Additionally, there is a discreet magnet in the cover to support automatic sleep/wake function.

        The Cinema folio is hand-crafted entirely from genuine calfskin leather and features inserted foam padding to provide extra shock-absorption and a more comfortable, soft grip. On the inside, the branded leather lining is ultra-smooth to prevent scratches and abrasions to the tablet's touchscreen. Also, the case comes with a leather chamois for you to wipe away any dirt, dust and fingerprint smudges.

        Finally, when it comes to purchasing the Cinema folio, buyers are presented with several choice colors and grains. The basic model is done up in an ultra soft, supple fine-grain leather. But for a small up-charge, customers can opt for something more distinctive and exotic, including Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard and iForte or Nspire patterns.


        • Custom-designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 tablet
        • Handmade using premium, all-natural calfskin leather
        • Available in several choice colors, including black, tan and red
        • Inserted foam padding for extra shock-absorption and grip
        • Ultra-smooth, branded leather interior
        • Magnetic lock for secure case closure
        • Automatic sleep/wake function
        • Integrated fold-out stand feature
        • Displays the tablet in numerous landscape viewing angles
        • Provides clear access to all buttons, ports, speakers and cameras
        • Included leather chamois for keeping the touchscreen clean of dirt, dust and fingerprint smudges


                  Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
                  Style Folio
                  Brand Piel Frama
                  Function Business,   Designer,   Mens,   Womens
                  Price Luxury $150+
                  Exterior Material Leather
                  Lock Magnetic
                  Feature Button Cutouts, Port Cutouts, Speaker Grill, Sleep/Wake Cover
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