Piel Frama Pull Apple iPad 2/3/4 - iPad Air 2 Geniune Leather Sleeve

Let's face it, you might not feel too confident walking into a business meeting with your iPad tablet encased in some generic-looking neoprene sleeve or clunky folio case. The Pull tablet sleeve from Piel Frama is essentially a simply pocket folder for your iPad device to avoid dings and scratches as you carry it from meeting to meeting. Though modest in function, this rich, gorgeous genuine leather case can help you make a strong first impression in just about any formal, professional situation.


  • Sublime quality!
  • Lightweight, easy to carry


They say you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes he or she wears. Nowadays, it could very well be your tablet case that makes the first impression. This is when gorgeous, rich genuine leather Piel Frama cases can help you present that distinguished look.

The Pull is the most basic Piel Frama case, custom-designed for the iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets. Additionally, the iPad 2/3/4 model is Smart-cover compatible. The Pull sleeve is hand-crafted entirely out of a genuine, all-natural cowskin leather, available in up to 6 colors. Its exterior has an excellent, natural grain texture that provides a nice, comfortable grip. On the inside, the leather is ultra-soft and smooth to protect your device's screen against scratching and abrasions.

Essentially designed like a pocket folder, the Pull leaves one side open for allowing effortless insertion and removal of your iPad device. However, the case lacks some type of locking mechanism to suggest it may be better off stowed inside a bag or briefcase during your commutes.


  • Custom-designed for the iPad 2/3/4, Air 2 tablets
  • Handmade using premium, all-natural cowskin leather
  • Smart-cover compatible (iPad 2/3/4 model only)
  • Textured surface provides an excellent grip
  • Lightweight (only 115g) and easy to carry
  • Smooth, soft fine-grain leather interior
  • Pull sleeve is available in up to 6 shades of all-natural leather
  • Designed to protect the iPad against bumps and scratches


    Tablet Apple iPad 2/3/4 , iPad Air 2
    Style Sleeve
    Brand Piel Frama
    Function Business, Womens, Mens, School
    Price High End $80 - $149
    Weight 115g / 47oz
    Exterior Material Leather
    Lock Magnetic

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