OverBoard Apple iPad 1/2/3/4 Waterproof Case


The full name emblazoned on this waterproof case reads “OverBoard iPad Case with Rear Hand Loop and Back Camera Window” - and that about says it all. OverBoard has created a nice sturdy waterproof case made of tough TPU material that’s strong enough to withstand depths of over 19 feet, yet thin enough to allow all the touchscreen sensitivity.

Editor's Rating 

If the Overboard iPad waterproof case were simply this, it would already be impressive enough. But a few nice extras including the adjustable shoulder strap and the hand loop built into the back for super-easy display really makes this case notable.

The Overboard waterproof case has a look typical of its genre: It resembles a simple plastic bag (actually made of TPU) with a black frame serving as a supporting bezel around the perimeter. In the back, a special window allows use of the camera while the iPad is encased. The incorporated “Slide Seal System” consists of four plastic tabs on sliders. These work well enough out of the box, but we can’t help thinking that these will become less effective through time.

When sealed, the Overboard promises waterproofing of depths up to 19 feet, meaning that the TPU will certainly defend the tablet against water plus dust, dirt and the like in all but the most extreme circumstances.


  • 2013 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Waterproof Case
  • Submersible up to 19 feet
  • Special window for use of camera
  • Built-in hand strap
  • Included shoulder strap and pack-ins

Overall: Okay

    For the iPad user seeking defense against water, dirt and moisture, the OverBoard Waterproof Case is near the top of its class in this respect. Though the quality and components could be better, this is a best case scenario in waterproofing the tablet for a reasonable price.


        • Works with any generation Apple iPad
        • Durable TPU material design
        • Trademarked Slide Seal System keeps the tablet watertight
        • Guaranteed submersible in depths of up to 19 feet
        • Design maintains touchscreen sensitivity
        • Clear window on the back for rear-camera use
        • Included adjustable shoulder strap, caribineer clip and desiccants
        • Floats safely if accidentally dropped in the water
        • Also protects contents from dirt, dust and sand


                                              Style Waterproof
                                              Brand OverBoard
                                              Function Outdoor
                                              Price Great Value $40-$79
                                              Exterior Material  Clip
                                              Features Hand Strap,Shoulder Strap ,Waterproof


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