The iPad Minis Enjoy Stealth Powers Inside the M-Edge Folio Case

M-Edge combines tough impact protection with long-lasting power for the Apple iPad Minis inside their Stealth Power accessory. The folio tablet case offers all-round protection with free access to all ports and buttons, and brings a 4000 mAh built-in battery without adding unnecessary bulk. With this kind of power your tablet gets an additional 10 hours of operating time without the need to seek for a power outlet. The case also sports integrated stand and auto sleep/wake capabilities, and features a LED indicator to show how much juice is left in the battery. There are two outputs on the battery allowing users to charge not only their tablets, but smartphones as well.

About M-Edge:
At M-Edge, we’re all about caffeine, adrenaline, world peace, fashion, blue crabs, thinking outside the box, and being one of a kind. Picking up what we’re putting down? Then just wait until you get your hands on our products. We’re on overdrive, bringing you high quality, drool-worthy cases every single day.

When you live life on the edge, you're gonna need protection—and style to match. M-Edge fuses jaw-dropping designs with unique materials to create your ultimate accessory. We like to think we fit your devices as great as we fit your personality.

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