Mikol Gets all the iPad’s Marbles With an Exquisite Tablet Skin

Carrara from Mikol is a beautiful tablet skin made with all-natural marble. The case is offered in the iPad Air, Apple iPad Air 2, and any iPad Mini size. A combination of marble and TPU material ensures the case not only serves as a design product, but actually delivers sturdy protection against scratches and bumps for the tablet’s back. There’s also an option to personalize the case with an engraving of a name or initials. The case is also available in two other marble colors – Nero Marquina and Rossa Verona.

About Mikol:
Marble has long been a material that exemplifies class, respect, and luxury. However, given its immense weight and the complex, fragile process of cutting the material, marble has primarily been a premium material used exclusively in the furniture and construction industries.

We here at MIKOL have refined an efficient method to utilize marble to finally be able to accessorize our most practical essentials in daily life. With this technology, we have decided to begin our journey into the accessory and fashion industry with the introduction of four simple products.

And our most prized product: a sleek, modern-styled marble notebook with 180 pages split into straight-lined, grid, and blank spaces for multi-purpose use. MIKOL is the first and only official marble fashion/accessories. Founded by experts in the fields of marble, construction, fashion, and design, we here at MIKOL hope to color your world with a unique product of extravagance.

With the plethora of phone and tablet cases made in metal, aluminum, leather, wood, and so forth, a personalized, marble case from MIKOL will immediately make you stand out. As we handcraft our items and ensure their sleekness and durability, we aspire to build a community that appreciates the aesthetic gracefulness of marble and to expand the world of fashion.

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