Snugg Your iPad Mini With a Protective Non Slip Case

The Non Slip Case from Snugg is a simple, yet functional tablet shell designed to protect any generation of Apple iPad Mini. Crafted from durable, but soft to touch silicone, the case will not only provide excellent impact protection, but will also help prevent the tablet from slipping out of the owner’s hands. Snugg’s signature squares are all over the back of the case providing extra protection, while perfectly molded silicone edges deliver extra safety where it’s needed most. The interior of the case is lined with smooth material ensuring it won’t scratch the precious tablet.

About Snugg:
The Snugg brand was born early in 2010 with our very first iPad case. One of our directors got an iPad and just couldn’t find a case that he was really happy with, and we all knew people who were saying the same thing. After a discussion – and a few drinks – we decided we should produce a quality iPad case that people would love, and that's exactly what we did!

We initially started selling on Amazon once we had the cases made and they were a hit straight away. We set up in early 2011, and we now stock a wide range of different Snugg products alongside a few other high-quality ranges, and we’re expanding all the time., but this helps to us to cover all bases. We focus on quality, functionality and design when it comes to our products because we want them to be the best they can be. Everyone thinks differently, so we pack all of the best ideas in to come to up with truly versatile products.

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