Sena Leaves Kickstand Heritage Protecting the iPad Mini From Damage

Sena creates yet another exquisite folio tablet case from genuine tumbled leather – Heritage Kickstand. The new Apple iPad Mini 2 case is not only great-looking, it’s also highly protective of the tablet it’s been called to shield. The main feature is of course the vertical tablet stand cleverly hidden on the back. The interior of the case has been lined with herringbone microsuede to prevent any possible scratching. The gunmetal finish trim puts a touch of sophistication to already stunning case.

About Sena:
Since 1999, Sena has brought its ancient tradition in leather craftsmanship to accessories for phones and tablets. The brand brings timeless designs originally inspired for functionality, to current styles tailored for personal technology.

Over three generations of leather artisans and diverse influences of Istanbul, make up our innovation and heritage. The Oten family searched for the highest quality materials in Turkey, where leather work has been a specialty for more than half a century.

Sena combines effective design with a refined European style. Our cases are set apart, with polished, contemporary styles, all of which showcase superior quality leather, and meticulous attention to detail.

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